If I Get There Before You Do


If I get there before you do, Iíll be looking for you, or Iíll just wait until the Lord calls me homeÖ.

Now weíve had victory and tears, weíve been blessed with many years

And now, weíll spend eternity, with our Lord.



And weíll walk hand and hand, throughout the promise land

Down the street paved with the purest gold

Iím so glad we made the choice; Jesus Christ is still the Lord

Signed with love, Iíll be looking for you


Heavenís surely worth the wait, Just to step inside the gate

And to walk on that street of purest gold

And to see the one I know, who has washed me white as snow

Iíve got a longing to go, donít you?


(To Chorus)


Tag:  Signed with love, Iíll be looking for you


MIDI: If I Get There Before You Do,
Played by 
Sheryl McMillan


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